When The Bell Tolls

Here we sit counting ticks and tocks,
rounding out the last days and minutes of our clocks.
My mind wanders to the past memoired year,
a war torn world of embattled minds succumbing to fear.
An election came, and households were torn,
breaking bonds and fellowship in deepening scorn.
Many see only shadows in this year’s past,
an abyss covering leagues and memories vast.
Now although for many this year may not have been the best,
trust me when I say all years to come will be a test.
A test to see how you give, and how you stand,
when situations push and the flames are fanned.
Good can follow the chiming bells of midnight,
if you allow your mind to pass from past failures and fights.
Linger not in the global strife, rather lean into the intimate small,
for it is in these instances that life and love comes to us all.
In the end we will not be defined by any complaints we have made,
but rather the gifts of mercy, forgiveness, and charity we repaid.
Therefore when the bell tolls look into the night,
for across the distance you’ll catch glimpses of light.
When you become that bright spot in the deepening dark,
you might just be the flicker of light to shoot off a spark.


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