Glimmer In Sight

Looking out from the airplane window the other day I saw a magnificent sight. The clouds had gathered and formed as mists rising from still water, intermixed with the first rays of morning light breaking in from an unencumbered sun. Below a glassy sheen of smoke was the earth glimmering in gold and crowned in shadow. If you looked in earnest you might have fostered a vision of life as it was at the dawn of time, before man and machine turned and hewed down the great peaks and forests in search of stone and wealth.
However, this was the evening, a time of diminishing light, and just as quickly as the thoughts came they were snuffed out by the setting sun. There was only the dream of gilded light left behind and the heavy sigh of relief brought upon the thought of a new day. Relief. Even in the deep night there is the sense of hope and the world once again set right.

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