The Blood Moon

A redemption of light/A renewal of spirit. My life was drastically changed, and I want to share that journey with you.

Part 1 – “Revealed In Shadow”

Here we are in the withering times when the rustling leaves and blowing trees signal an end to the abundant sun.
All that is left is the blood moon; that despondent glow, and eerie shadow of something once beautiful.
Naked and barren is the earth that is filled with an utter defeat by an unknown and unstoppable force.
What can bring an end to this night?
When will the sun shine again?
Will there be light again?
Will love be shown again? If so, will I find it?
I have not known a presence of love in an eternity, the very force of which brings a quivering to my spirit.
How I miss you oh love, why must you evade me in the dark shadows of the blood moon?
Can we not be one again in the light?
I long for that simple touch. That gentle nudge. That slight brush.
It’s as though the corruption has burrowed deep inside me, and it’s hard to rid from my soul.
Oh God, rip me from this dark depravity.
Fill me with light, so that I may love and be loved in return.
Teach me to forgive, and walk in right passage.
For now all I see is the blood moon, a murky outline of your pure light.
I long for purity in my life.
I long for it more than life itself.
I long for it more than a flower longs for water.
And I promise you that when I find it I will cling to it.
I will cling to it more than the dew does the morning.
I will cling to it more than the moss does the earth.
And I know that when I find love it will be Yours first.
Now I know that the sky is a mirror of my soul, so make it Spring and bring me to light again.

Part 2 – “Released”

One year has passed now since the rising tide of the Blood Moon.
In my depths I cried out and you answered.
You said you would never leave nor forsake us, and your promise holds true.
Through the barren wasteland your hand has guided by wind and fire.
It is gentle to the touch, giving slight nudges as you brush strokes on the canvas of my life.
Each as careful and well placed as the next.
Filled with love and light as Autumn is meant to be.
Though I still see the effect of the shadow leaving, as a mist clinging to the grass before the rising dawn.
For my sins and past faults the reaping hour has only yet begun.
Hold fast to me as I come to the trial of my wrongs, and give to me a strength to further my walk through the valley and into the light.
For You are strength and You are might; You whose iron shatters rock and hand melts and mends the heart.
You are my saviour, and I am your servant.

Part 3 – “Renewed In Light”

Three years hence since the dark night of the blood moon, and now all is set right again.
Gone is the murky outline, and now the pure white embodiment of heavenly light shines forth.
From which night too is blessed and all fear of darkness is swept away.
Now I live as a man in the light, who follows the path lit before me.
Many a trial have I come through, with countless miles trodden and time for thought taken.
I know You’ve spared me the flame, and created in me a new man.
You took my sins upon Yourself and bore the brunt of the pain.
God, You rescued me and made me new.
You stripped away my carnal heart and replaced it with one beating for You.
You have given me the gift of breath, and life, and a beloved life partner to love and walk in covenant with.
Though I am no where close to perfection, I strive to walk in Your ways, and keep Your word in my heart.
I am no longer bound by the shadow of a dead moon, but I abound in the holy atmosphere of Your grace and fullness.
The full moon now harkens a beauty in remembrance, reminding me of your promises and faithfulness in times when my hope was all but lost.
Thank You God for never letting me go.



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